Why Casting? Shapes and profiles which cannot be either machined or forged, with inner cores, Grain Structure compactness is not critical, Save Machining operations, Types of Casting, Centrifugal Casting, Investment Casting, Sand Casting, Pressure Die Casting Today Brass is used in all industries that choose the benefits of Casting: Building Hardware, Plumbing, Fire Fighting and emergency response



Why Forging? More economical for higher production run due to lesser material requirements, Reduced Machining Operations, Those profile which cannot be machined, Types of Forging : Open Die Forging, Close Die Forging, Solid Forging, Hollow Forging, Today Brass is used almost in all industries of forging: Automotive Industry, Building Hardware, Plumbing, Fire Fighting and emergency response, Military, Solenoid Valves, Electrical Electronics HVAC, Hydraulic Fittings, Medical Appliances., 0.025 kg minimum – 12.000 KG Maximum



Types of Machining carried out : Turning, Drilling, Boring, Reaming, Milling, Threading, Broaching,



We are doing plating as per customers specification. Nickel Plating – Nickel is done after copper plating on Brass for better bonding. We offer Nickel plating up to 50 microns with test reports., Chrome Plating – Chrome Plating is done after Nickle and Copper as base plating. This is mainly done for aesthetic purpose in Sanitary and Plumbing Parts., Silver / Gold Plating – Silver / Gold Plating is done after copper plating on brass for better bonding. We offer plating as per customer specification with test reports., Brass Plating -Brass Plating is done on Steel as well as Brass., Tin Plating – Tin Plating is done after copper plating. For better results, it is advisable to do Nickel Plating on Copper and then do the Tin Plating., Grinding/Buffing – We do Grinding-Buffing to remove the lines, dents, scratches etc. and to create a bright surface finish. This is normally done for aesthetic purpose.,
We offer this service based on customer requirement.



We offer wareshousing facility for scheduled orders to facilitate faster deliveries.
This is mainly provided to our Foreign Customers,
However we can offer it domestically as well.
Please contact us for more information about location packing.


We at Shree Drashti Enterprise are committed to manufacture and supply consistently defect free components to the customer, enhancing customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements at competitive prices.


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